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css level 1 - table of contents

Course Introduction

About the course

Tools you need


The project

If you have completed HTML and XHTML for CSS
If you haven't completed HTML and XHTML for CSS

CSS Introduction

What is CSS?

Why are style sheets important?

Developing for different user agents
CSS advantages

CSS shortcomings

CSS anatomy

The elements of a style sheet


Basic selectors and properties

Type selectors


Basic text properties

The font-family property
The font-size property

Linking and embedding

Incorporating CSS into web pages

Linking to style sheets

Embedding style sheets

More text properties

The text-decoration property

The font-style property

The font-weight property

Case sensitivity

Background properties

Introduction to the background properties

Using color

Color keywords
Hexadecimal values

The background-color property

The color property

Group selectors

Powerful CSS backgrounds

Working with background images

The background-image property
URL values
The background-repeat property
The background-position property
The background-attachment property

Class and pseudo class selectors

Link selectors

Specificity and link selectors

Class selectors introduction

Generic document structure

Creating class selectors

Class selectors and specificity

Page layout




Using the margin property for positioning


Centering text
Centering an element

Add color with the border and background properties

The border property

The padding property

Indenting and outdenting

The headings
The text

Links with classes

Different types of links

Combining link and class selectors

Navigation bars

Building a navigation bar

The cascade

Descendant selectors

Importing style sheets

Managing style at large sites

The @import rule

Real world CSS


CSS and HTML validation

How to validate an HTML Document
CSS validation

Adaptability and accessibility

Controlling web pages
Why does it matter?
Adaptability is accessibility
Making it happen - percentages and ems, fonts and page layouts
Page layout

browser support

"It doesn't work": a word of warning
The difficulties: partial support, buggy support, no support
No support
Partial and buggy support
Missing features
Broken features

CSS problems in Netscape 4

The background-image property
Relative URLs
Using margin, padding and border on inline elements

Techniques for dealing with Netscape 4

Server side
Client side
Netscape's @import bug
Forget Netscape
Lowest common denominator

Tables and CSS

The table and td selectors
Styling a table
Borders and background colors
The border-collapse property
Using a class selector in tables
The width and height properties

Descendant selectors revisited


Where to now?

Revision quiz