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css level 2

This course has been designed to take CSS to the next level. Through theory, code samples and practical exercises you learn not just the basics of the CSS positioning properties, but a number of other approaches to web page layout with CSS. All the hard stuff in the CSS specification is explained and then put to use. There is a heavy emphasis on usability and accessibility, and the treatment of forms in particular benefits from this approach.

CSS Level 2 takes up where CSS Level 1 leaves off, but with new and exciting page design projects. Whilst it presents some of the dizzying highs of cascading styles sheets, though, it also tries to keep your feet on the ground. The issue of browser support remains a constant, and tips and techniques for dealing not just with browsers but also WYSIWYG editors are there to help you.

The course does assume prior understanding of the basics of CSS and handcoded HTML 4.0, to the level taught in HTML 4.0 and XHTML for CSS and CSS Level 1. If you haven't actually done these courses, but you feel confident that you want to tackle CSS Level 2 straight up, just take a look at their tables of contents and descriptions to be sure that you're ready. We also offer CSS Level 2 in generously priced bundles with these other two courses.

All our courses are based on handcoded CSS, and require simply a text editor, though would be suitable for use with style sheet editors, such as Style Master.

How the course works

Doing any westciv self paced course is simple. Once you've purchased you just have to download the course itself and you're ready to start learning, in your own time, at your own pace. All our courses build your knowledge incrementally as the project develops and at each step you will learn through