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Self paced web designed courses

Learn web standards and be a part of the future

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Learning standards based web development using HTML 4, XHTML and CSS, is vital if you are looking toward the future with your web design work. It's also easy and flexible with our series of hands on, self paced courses.

How do the courses work?

Westciv courses are all downloadable packages. They're all in HTML format, so all you need is a web browser to read them. Just purchase the course you want and we'll send you the info for where it can be downloaded. Each course can be purchased individually, or you can save a packet by purchasing them as part of a bundle: see below for prices.

Built around the development of real web sites, all our courses come with the raw materials you need - all you have to do is add the HTML and CSS - and that's what you'll be learning. At every step the concept is explained, with plenty of code examples and diagrams. You then go and complete some structured exercises using your own version of the project. For each step there is a worked example page that you can view in the browser and compare with your work.

"Thanks for helping me to become a better, more confident web designer. The course has given me the "power tools" that I use in my sites every single day. The courses are thorough, compelling and just plain fun."

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What will I find in the course download?

Doing a westciv self paced course is simple. Once you've purchased you just have to download the course itself and you're ready to start learning, in your own time, at your own pace. All our courses build your knowledge incrementally as the project develops and at each step you will learn through

In no time at all you'll be up to speed with hand coding HTML and CSS and ready to start creating your own accessible, lightweight, fast loading pages that will work on today's browsers, as well as the devices of the future.

Course listing

You can buy any of the courses individually, or as part of a bundle. Once you purchase, we send a password so that you can download the courses, and you'll be able to start working straight away.

Please note: all our prices are in $US.

Course listing
Individual Courses Price Details Buy
HTML 4.0 and XHTML for CSS $29.99 Details Buy Now
HTML 4.0 and XHTML for CSS + WebDesign HTML Editor $49.99 Details Buy Now
CSS Level 1 $29.99 Details Buy Now
CSS Level 2 $29.99 Details Buy Now
Color and Graphics for the Web $19.99 Details Buy Now
The Complete CSS Guide $24.99 Details Buy Now
Course Bundles Price Save Buy
The Bronze Bundle
  • HTML & XHTML for CSS
  • CSS Level 1
$49.99 Save $9.99 Buy Now
The Silver Bundle
  • CSS Level 1
  • CSS Level 2
  • The Complete CSS Guide
$59.99 Save $24.99 Buy Now
The Gold Bundle
  • HTML & XHTML for CSS
  • CSS Level 1
  • CSS Level 2
  • The Complete CSS Guide
$69.99 Save $44.99 Buy Now
The Platinum Bundle
  • HTML & XHTML for CSS
  • CSS Level 1
  • CSS Level 2
  • Color & Graphics
  • The Complete CSS Guide
$79.99 Save $54.99 Buy Now

If you are interested in purchasing 6 or more copies of any of our courses or course bundles please see our volume pricing information.