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css level 1

New - revised and updated to CSS Level 2, Revision 1

Anyone interested in web development will have at least heard of CSS and know that it is an integral part of the standards based future of the web. If you've decided to take the next step and learn how to use it to style your web pages, now and for the future, this is the course for you.

This course covers the key theoretical and practical aspects of CSS, so that developers can take advantage of CSS features that far outstrip the functionality of HTML, while developing standards based sites that will be more accessible, and work well into the future on the widest variety of web viewing platforms.

CSS Level 1 works closely with our HTML 4.0 and XHTML for CSS course, building upon the ideas and skills learned there, as well as upon the exercises done in that course. In the HTML course, the structure of the site is created, while in this course we create the appearance. At the completion of the two courses, you will have developed a sophisticated, standards based XHTML and CSS based site, accessible to a wide variety of users on the widest possible variety of platforms.

Along the way we cover virtually all of the original CSS 1 standard, the core of cascading style sheets. We also address real world issues, such as browser bugs and limitations, and develop techniques and approaches to work around these. After completing this course, you will have acquired knowledge and skills it might otherwise take many months or years to attain.

Not just for beginners, CSS Level 1 is for

The course assumes no prior understanding of CSS, but does require a good understanding of HTML at the code level. We recommend you take a look at HTML 4.0 and XHTML for CSS, as it has been designed to work closely with this course. We also offer a special price for the two purchased together.

All our courses are based on hand coding, and require simply a text editor, though would be suitable for use with Style Sheet editors, such as our Style Master.

How the course works

Doing any westciv self paced course is simple. Once you've purchased you just have to download the course itself and you're ready to start learning, in your own time, at your own pace. All our courses build your knowledge incrementally as the project develops and at each step you will learn through