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where's my purchase?

Q: I bought Style Master and/or a Westciv course, but I haven't received anything yet - where's my purchase?

A: If you purchased using Kagi, an email with your download info will have been generated and sent to your email address within the hour. If you haven't received this info, it's probably because:

  • The email which was sent out has been trapped by a spam filter. Solution: check your spam filter/trash, or contact us and we'll be able to resend it to you (but make sure you tell your spam filter to accept from westciv.com and kagi.com!).
  • You made an education discount purchase, which needs to be approved by a human. Solution: wait at least 12 hours (due to time zone differences), then contact us if you still haven't received the approval.
  • You typed your email address wrongly when you purchased. Solution: contact us with the name you used when you purchased and we'll be able to resend the email.

If you purchased using Paypal, as it says on the payment page, these orders need to be processed by a human, so due to time zone differences there will sometimes be a delay of up to 12 hours before you receive the download info.

If it has been more than 12 hours, do feel free to contact us, but please be aware that the most common problem is that the email has been trapped somewhere along the way by a spam filter (and then any subsequent emails we send will be trapped as well!). Please make sure you set up your filters to receive email from the westciv.com domain.

Q: I can't download my software or course - it's not working!

A: There could be a number of reasons for this.

First of all, make sure you copy and paste the user names and passwords we sent you into the browser, with no before or after spaces.

If you are on Mac OS X and using Speed Download this is almost certainly causing the problem. For some reason this application has an intractable problem with our servers. You'll need to temporarily disable Speed Download and then the download will work fine. There is very simple to do: you'll find instructions at the Speed Download site.

If you're downloading at a time when we've just released a new upgrade, you may be experiencing problems because of heavy traffic at our site. Please try later.

Contact us if none of these solutions work for you.

Finally, we change the user names and passwords for downloading every couple of days. It's possible that those which you are trying to use have expired. Please contact us with the name and email address you used when you originally purchased, and we'll send you the latest details.

Q: Where's my receipt?

A: Postal receipts can be arranged at the time of purchase for an extra $US1.00. If you asked for a receipt, and have been charged for it, but it has not arrived, please contact us.

Q: When will my package arrive in the post?

A: All of our software and courses are download only. We try very hard to make this absolutely clear at numerous points throughout our site.

However, if you did not realise this, and have purchased our software or courses and simply cannot download them, please contact us and we will arrange a refund.