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upgrading questions

Q: I qualify for a free upgrade, how do I get it?

A: When we release upgrades to Style Master we send out emails to all our customers who are eligible to a free upgrade with information for downloading the full latest version. If you didn't receive one of these emails, and you think you should have, most likely it has just been trapped by a spam filter. Please do contact us (and make sure your spam filters are set to accept mail from westciv.com!) and we'll sort it out.

Q: Do I qualify for a free upgrade or do I need to purchase one?

A: At Westciv we try to have as generous an upgrade policy as possible. If you purchased Style Master 4.5 or later you receive a free upgrade to Style Master 5. Style Master 4.5 was released May 6th 2006. If you think you purchased Style Master 4.5 or later and you didn't receive your upgrade info, please contact us and we'll sort it out.

Q: How do I purchase an upgrade to Style Master?

A: If you purchased Style Master prior to version 4.5, which was released May 6th 2006, you'll need to upgrade to continue using Style Master 5.

But, you can upgrade to Style Master 4 for just $29.99!

Click here to upgrade securely using Kagi

When you purchase using Kagi, the whole system is automated, so you will receive the download info almost straight away.