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how do I buy style master?

Q: How do I buy Style Master?

A: Style Master 4 costs $US59.99 and can be purchased securely online using Kagi or Paypal.

Click here to buy Style Master 4 now securely online using Kagi.

Click here to buy Style Master 4 now securely online using Paypal.

Follow the links to step though the simple and secure buying process and you can be using the full version of Style Master in minutes.

Q: What payment methods can I use to buy Style Master?

A: Through Kagi you can buy Style Master using

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Optima
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • Carte Blanche
  • JCB
  • Eurocard
  • Check
  • Purchase Order
  • Cash
  • Money Order

You'll find instructions for all of these on our secure payment page.

You can also purchase Style Master using Paypal.

Q: How do I pay by purchase order and invoice?

A: If you are a company or organization that would like to buy Style Master by purchase order and invoice, you can do this using our Kagi Store. Simply go to the regular Store page, specify what you would like to purchase and click Buy Now. On the next page, where you are asked to specify your payment method, choose Purchase Order.

An invoice will be generated for you to print out and submit in the usual fashion at your company. Unfortunately we are unable to send out download details until we have received payment for this invoice. As soon as payment is received, we'll send the download details right away.

Q: Can I pay by direct deposit?

A: Unless you are in Australia, it is not possible for you to pay be direct deposit. See below for details on how you can pay by direct deposit if you are in Australia.

Q: Can I pay using Paypal?

A: Yes, you can purchase any Westciv software or courses, including Style Master, using Paypal.

Click here to buy Style Master 4 now securely online using Paypal.

If you bought a version of Style Master prior to Style Master 3.5 (released march 3rd 2004) you can also upgrade using Paypal.

Click here to upgrade to Style Master 4 now securely online using Paypal.

Please note though that orders like this do need to be hand processed, so there may be a delay of a few hours before you receive the download details for the software. When you purchase using Kagi, the whole system is automated, so you will receive the download info almost straight away.

Q: Can I purchase direct from Westciv?

A: If you are in Australia and you would like to purchase direct from Westciv you may do so by

  • Purchase order+invoice/cheque
  • Payment by direct deposit

Please note that we cannot accept credit cards directly. If you wish to pay by credit card by far the best thing to do is simply to pay online via our Kagi store. This way you will have your software and be ready to go within the hour.

Note too that if you purchase from us directly we will be required to charge Australian GST, in addition to the converted price in Australian dollars. Really, this payment method is only appropriate for a larger organisation who would prefer to deal with us direct by purchase order and invoice.