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Masaman Prawn Curry

This all-time favourite Thai curry can also be made with chicken, beef or tofu. Serves 4


24 small-medium green king prawns

8 cardamom pods, slightly crushed

1 teaspoon salt

800mL coconut milk

400mL water

1/2 jar Thai Masaman Curry Paste

10 small new potatoes, peeled

1/2 butternut pumpkin

12 small pickling onions, peeled

4 tablespoons fish sauce

4 tablespoons lime or lemon juice

2 tablespoons palm sugar

25 fresh basil leaves

3/4 cup whole roasted peanuts


1. Place coconut milk, water, cardamom pods and Curry Paste in a wok on medium heat. Stir the paste through and bring to simmer.

2. Halve the potatoes and onions if they are any bigger than a couple of cm sphere and chop up the pumpkin to a similar size.

3. Once the coconut milk is simmering well add the vegetables, the fish sauce, the lime juice and the palm sugar and mix it through.

4. Leave to simmer until the vegetables are cooked through. This will probably take about half an hour - use the potatoes as your indicator.

5. Roughly chop the basil leaves.

6. When you're ready to serve mix the basil leaves and peanuts through and serve immediately with steamed rice.